The 2017 UConn BioBlitz was held on September 15th and 16th at the Greenwich Point Park.  We had a wonderful weekend of perfect weather for a Blitz!

Teams of scientists and other volunteers, representing the UConn Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, the UConn Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering, and the Town of Greenwich Shellfish Commission and Conservation Commission set their sights on Greenwich Point Park for this BioBlitz.  After sampling the Park for 24 hours, we tallied up the total number of species found on the peninsula.  Overall, as a human-impacted environment, we did not expect to find such a high number of species.  But the wonderful stewardship of the Park has resulted in a high level of biodiversity in a healthy mix of habitats.  Much of the diversity is cryptic and therefore, more difficult to appreciate, so we hope that the BioBlitz will help Greenwich residents see the Park in a new way and to appreciate its natural beauty.  Hopefully, more people can think of the Park not only as a wonderful recreation area, but as a safe haven for hundreds of fellow life forms with which we share our planet.  

Information about past CT BioBlitzes can be found here.

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