Scientists: Logistics & Facilities

Headquarters & Facilities

BioBlitz Central at Kolnaski STEAM Magnet, 500 Poquonnock Rd. in Groton is perhaps the nicest facility we have had for BioBlitz scientists.  Principal Christine Dauphinais is allowing scientists wishing to pitch tents to use the field behind the school.  Building will be open the entire 24-hours for scientists to come and go.  Multiple bathrooms, 1 shower, two carpeted rooms (library and music) for scientists to catch shuteye.  The cafetorium is just for scientists, spacious, new with electrical outlets in the floor next to the tables, opens directly to parking area for easy access and short carries. The gymnasium, separate from the cafetorium is being set up with 25 or more tables for the public portion of the event on Saturday noon – 3pm.

Arrival: You may arrive as early as 1:00 PM on Friday to start setting up.

Equipment/Logistics: You are encouraged to bring your collected specimens here for identification if ID in the field is impossible or impractical.  We will be in Kolnaski STEAM’s Cafetorium.  There will be tables, chairs, electricity, lighting, and internet available.  Space will be assigned.  Lighting will be good but sometimes having your own desk lamps and illumination is helpful.  Please bring your field equipment, coolers, collection bottles, fluids, dissecting or compound microscopes, etc. as needed.

There will be plenty of food/water/coffee/snacks available for team members. Thanks to a contribution from the CT Botanical Society!

There is plenty of parking available to us.


500 Poquonnock Road, Groton



Food and coffee will be available throughout the event only to registered participants.  All taxonomists or volunteers must be registered!  Let us know immediately if you have a change in people attending with your team so we can adjust our food order.  Similarly, if you are not planning to attend some of the meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch), let us know as soon as possible.  More info coming as we get closer to the event.


Both the field and a classroom will be available as sleeping quarters for registered scientists – please bring a sleeping mat and sleeping bag if you plan to sleep.  There are excellent bathroom facilities available to all registered attendees. 1 shower and a faculty room with microwave and refrigerator