Friday June 3rd

At 3:00 p.m. the scientists will start sampling and surveying the biodiversity of Groton-New London-Waterford’s marine, aquatic, and terrestrial ecosystems. Many will work throughout the night to identify as many species as they can during the 24-hour window. Jr. Scientists (middle and high school students) will be blitzing and bringing discoveries to the scientist’s attention. Schools in the 3 towns are being sought to survey their own school grounds, and if formed will be provided one or more naturalists to assist them. The public is encouraged to pick any location within the 11-mile diameter survey circle and post pictures on iNaturalist of any interesting finds. These will be reviewed by experts and added to the final tally.
This portion of the event does not contain any public programs.

Saturday June 4th

Scientists and participating students continue Friday’s goal of sampling and identifying the biodiversity of Groton-New London-Waterford. iNaturalist postings may be made by the public up until 3pm – but the earlier the better so our experts have time to identify and add them to the tally. The public portion of the BioBlitz starts at noon on Saturday. Come meet the scientists and their students and our citizen volunteers! View surveying and sampling equipment! Get an introduction to a wide variety of animals, plants, insects, algae, and fungi through our display tables and chat with an expert! Public talks are being planned and this site will be updated as they finalize.